With over 25 years of strata expertise, our Owners Corporation Management and Strata Administration Services provide an exclusive premium quality service to Owner Corporations in implementing and managing strata schemes.

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Our owners corporation service team in Sydney has a wealth of expertise, and the areas we take responsibility for include:

  • As your registered owners corporation managers, we will be responsible for scheduling and running all strata meetings. Meticulously planned meeting agendas will be curated that envelope the primary issues and concerns of core topics of consideration of the owners.

  • As the owner corporation manager, AscendCorp Strata will formulate the meeting agenda and minutes for AGMs, GMs, and strata committee meetings. Our strata admin experts are responsible for notifying all owners in the scheme about the meeting’s time schedule.

  • As registered owners corporation managers, we are responsible for all strata insurance renewals and claims. Under the Strata Titles Act 1985, insurance is legally required in Australia. As well as dealing with all renewals and claims, our owners corporation admin service is obliged to make all insurance documentation available for inspection by interested parties.

  • AcendCorp Strata generally distribute levy notices to body corporate property owners throughout the year. Each scheme is unique, so this may be two, three, or four times yearly. Our body corporate services strata management team will also oversee issuing all keys, swipe cards, and remotes for owner corporation properties and manage repairs and maintenance schedules.

  • Our strata management body corporate service also applies to the financial management of the scheme. From levy collection, expenses and outgoings to budget preparation and tax returns. Our strata admin services also include updating all owner’s changes of address details.

  • The AscendCorp Strata owners corporation service in Sydney is also responsible for ensuring legislative compliances to ensure the lawful operation and protection from liability, penalties, and financial and reputational damage.

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Our Owners Corporation Service Will Save You Time And Money

The owners corporate service that AcendCorp Strata administers is directed to protect the owners corporation assets and liberate them from potential dilemmas. As part of our liabilities, as an owner corporation manager, our strata admin experts will set annual budgets to ensure the solvency of the owners corporation. We also take the correct steps to ensure the property is perpetually protected. Our body corporate common property service will secure the most competitive insurance coverage to protect your property and assets. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, saving you time and money in the process.

Efficient And Reliable Owners Corporation Administration Service

Venturing into an owners corporation bears various unique legal, administrative, and practical requirements, from registering with the Titles Office, setting budgets, and dealing with banks and insurance companies. As a leading strata management service provider AscendCorp Strata is the go-to company for owners corporation management in Sydney, taking care of all the organisation on your behalf. Our team of owners corporation management specialists are energetic and proactive, with a core focus on delivering a leading-edge efficient and effective owners corporation service to maximise improvement for your scheme.

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Transparent Owners Corporation Management Service

A compelling key element to AscendCorp Strata’s owners corporation management services is absolute transparency. All the owners corporation strata records are our records and are treated with the utmost reverence.

As owners corporation management specialists, we endeavour to connect with our clients at each step in the process and have embraced the latest technologies that allow owners and committee members to access their strata records at any time and have direct communication via an App installed on their smartphones.

This links all parties involved in the scheme and provides transparency for total peace of mind.

Legislative Compliant Owners Corporation Management in Sydney NSW

All applicable legislation must be held with tremendous respect and vehemently adhered to for any strata scheme to operate optimally. The AscendCorp Strata, strata admin services team has a combined 25 + years of expertise in owners corporation services management and legislation compliance experience. The legislation acts surrounding strata schemes have become increasingly convoluted, increasing the need for best-in-class body corporate owners corporation management.

As an award-winning NSW owners corporation management service, AscendCorp Strata will manage your scheme professionally and transparently to maintain your building’s legal status. Ultimately, complying with legislation is the owners’ responsibility. So, ensuring you collaborate with the best owners corporation management services will safeguard your scheme and keep you on the right side of the law. When you engage with body corporate common property service, our strata compliance management team will keep you fully informed and aware of any change in legislation and how it could affect your scheme.

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Strata Administration Services For OWNERS CorporatION Available Throughout Sydney & NSW

AscendCorp Strata facilitates up-to-date and transparent owners corporation management services in Sydney. Our team has decades of experience in providing owners corporation administration to an uncounted number of businesses across NSW.  We embrace up-to-the-minute technology combined with our expertise and concise communication to operate our owners corporate management services and eradicate the often stressful and time-consuming intricacies of managing strata property.

Our client-centric body corporate owners corporation service provides the perfect solution regardless of whether you operate scaled-down residential community property or a vast commercial strata property. Our Sydney, NSW, strata management body corporate service provides a professional solution for running your property efficiently and conveniently. Our owners corporate admin offers peace of mind for owners, landlords, and tenants and ensures your strata property remains solvent.

Key Features Of Our Owners Corporate Management Services

Strata admin to schedule and run meetings

Issuing of agendas and minutes

Owners corporation manager for insurance renewals and claims

Strata administration to issue levy notices

Issuing and managing keys, swipes and remotes

Strata administration services for financial management

In-depth developer experience with the largest developers in Australia

Updating owners details

Managing repairs, garden maintenance, and more

Owners corporation admin for ensuring legislative compliance

Why You Need Our Owners Corporation Management & Strata Administration Services

With the array of complexities involved in owning and operating a building complex with multiple owners, Strata scheme administration. When correctly managed, this structure is extremely lucrative, and working with a body corporate services company will provide the perfect bridge to secure an effective operation.

The role of an owners corporation manager is to collaborate with the executive committee and owners corporation prosperously maintain, manage, control, and administer the property. The AscendCorp Strata owners corporate admin team will handle all documents and paperwork, prepare for AGMs, GMs, and strata committee meetings, hire expert services, and more.

Owners Corporation Management FAQs

The owners corporation, formerly recognised as a body corporate, is a company that owns the land, building, and common areas of a building, and it consists of all owners within a strata scheme. Once you’ve bought a property, you become a member of the owners corporation and will no longer be a member once you sell the property.

Multiple owners corporations can be challenging to manage without the assistance of an owners corporation service in Sydney. AscendCorp Strata is an energetic and experienced owners corporation service in Sydney that can assist with everything from gaining your owners corporation certificate to updated legislation and tax liabilities. We collaborate with many owners corporations and help them with our owners corporation management service to fully manage their strata schemes effectively and efficiently to save time and money.

As registered owners corporation managers, we are delegated the responsibilities by the owners corporation to manage and administer the common property. Our owners corporation services include maintaining all financial records and insurance policies, maintenance and repairs, collecting levies, and arranging meetings, such as AGMs, GMs, and strata committee meetings. Multiple owners corporations maximise their time and profitability by collaborating with the best owners corporation management services.