What Sets Us Apart

Strata Management is currently one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, unfortunately however, we believe the Industry itself has failed to keep up with the vast leap forward in technological and social trends that many other industries have taken advantage of to streamline and sharpen their services.

We recognise that to keep up with the accelerating pace of life, technology plays an integral role. We use our Smartphones for almost everything while demanding quick responses and instant engagement.

What sets AscendCorp Strata apart is that we have identified this trend and partnered our services with technology to take Strata Management into the 21st Century. For the first time providing real time analytic dashboards, meeting managers, mobile voting, instantaneous maintenance requests, and accounting and invoicing ‘on the run’, all from the simplicity of a single App on your Smartphone.

Please follow the link provided below as we at AscendCorp Strata introduce you to our newest partner, Stratafy.