With over 25 years of amalgamated strata management expertise, our strata management experts are strategically positioned to render an exclusive premium quality service implementing and managing strata schemes New South Wales.


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strata management services Sydney
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AscendCorp Strata aims to fashion longstanding cooperatives with our Owners Corporations. As a leading strata managing agent, our belief is that the profitable operation of a strata scheme is forged and sustained through time via the consistent utilisation of quality preparation, advice, and decision-making.

As strata management consultants, we accomplish the process with the understanding that all strata schemes are unique. The Owner Corporations within them have their specific wants, needs, requirements, and future visions that can be accommodated by our strata management services.

At AscendCorp Strata, our objective is to ascertain what the Body Corporate desires to accomplish with the assistance of their fully licensed strata manager. The Owners Corporation has the potential to generate its own standard and character for its building and, with continuity and astute action, establish a stable and economic plan for its ongoing management.

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While providing one of the best strata management services in NSW, we visualise an active and inclusive Owners group complimented by a strata management team who support, advise, and carry the administrative load. As a strata management agent, we aim to preserve the gratification of managing your scheme for all parties while diminishing the work burden for our strata committees.

As a leading-edge strata management company, we pride ourselves on sustaining an impeccable standard of strata management service. With best-in-class turnaround times, discerning advice and an unequalled expanse of knowledge and expertise, AscendCorp Strata delivers the pinnacle in commercial and residential strata management. The AscendCorp Strata building management team is keenly anticipating guiding you through the next chapter of your strata scheme’s evolution.

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Strata Management BUILDING Strong Relationships

The first step to a positive relationship is to trust that your strata manager services will work in your best interests and take care of your strata requirements effectively and efficiently.

AscendCorp Strata is an award-winning strata management company that values client relationships and works incessantly to ensure the client’s needs are always met by forging long-lasting unions. 

Strata Management That Utilises The Latest Technology

Our strata management services recognise that technology plays a more significant role in keeping pace with an ever-changing world. People want everything instantly, and with almost everyone having a smartphone, we demand instant engagement and fast responses.

As one of the leading strata management companies, AscendCorp Strata identified this trend and partnered our services with technology to move strata management into the 21st century. We can provide real-time analytic dashboards, meeting managers, mobile voting, instantaneous maintenance requests, and ‘on the run’ accounting and invoicing, all from an App on your smartphone.

Our Strata Management Company Is Always Up To Date With The Latest Legislation

The strata legislation can be notoriously intricate at the best of times. However, here at AscendCorp Strata, our strata management in NSW does its best to make the entire process as simple as possible while ensuring that all legislative requirements are met. Our strata legislation management team fully understands that time is of the essence, so we do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

As a client of our strata management services in Sydney, you can choose to be as involved or as uninvolved as you wish regarding your strata building management scheme. Suppose you opt to take a back seat during the process. In that case, you can rest assured that your fully licensed strata manager will keep clear and precise communication and that you are always up to date with any new legislation passed that may affect your strata scheme.

Seamless Strata Management in Sydney And Across NSW

Engaging in the services of a new strata management company can be a daunting and perplexing practice. This is often why many strata schemes remain unchanged, even when the level of service being received from their strata management agent is well below par.

At AscendCorp Strata, we hold the utmost respect for our clients, and your new strata managing agent will be on hand to guide you through the transition and make the process seamless. As the best strata management company in Sydney, we’ll facilitate the switchover by providing motions to terminate your existing manager and assist step by step until all books and records are integrated into our system, and every owner within your scheme is warmly welcomed to the AscendCorp Strata team.

strata management Sydney

Strata Management Key Features

High-end level of strata management service with proactive management and communication

Simplifying strata legislative requirements so your home and/or investment is a positive experience

Minimise strata management costs, save on insurance, utilities and review all current contracts

High-level Strata Accounting and Reporting

Cutting-edge strata manager services software that allows owners and tenants to access all documentation through an App installed on their smartphone

Monthly reporting gives committee members transparency and updates on all current and outstanding matters

In-depth developer experience with the largest developers in Australia

We are a lively, dynamic strata management team that aligns with 21st-century technology. We work faster and with less time wasted to provide the finest commercial and best residential strata services.

A vast network of quality contractors ready to respond

All strata management meetings held within office hours will incur no additional charge

Ability to request work orders and quote requests directly to your strata manager through an App installed on your phone

Strata management meetings run more efficiently with electronic voting through all attendees’ phones.

What Makes Our Strata Management Service Different

Strata management companies are currently part of one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia. Unfortunately, however, we are witnessing a trend where the industry has unsuccessfully demonstrated an ability to move with the monumental bounds made in technologies and social trends utilised by other industries. AscendCorp Strata has embraced the modern owner’s corporation management to streamline and sharpen our services as a residential and commercial strata management company. As a forward-thinking strata building management company, we recognise that to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of life, technology plays an integral role.

What sets AscendCorp Strata apart from other strata management companies in Sydney is that we have identified this trend and partnered our strata manager services with technology to take us into the 21st century. For the first time, we can provide real-time analytic dashboards, meeting managers, mobile voting, instantaneous maintenance requests, accounting and invoicing on the go, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

You can follow the link below as we at AscendCorp Strata, the leading edge strata management company in Sydney, NSW, introduce you to our newest technology partner, Stratafy.

Strata Management Sydney FAQs

According to the Strata Management Act 2015 in NSW, a strata manager is a person who executes a variety of functions of an owner’s corporation for a defined reward. A strata management company take on the responsibility of a building block, a group of units, or jointly owned real estate property. An owners corporation will instruct strata management services to ensure that the properties are correctly maintained, has-up-to date administrative protocols, and that properties comply with all state laws.

A licensed strata manager is the individual who is responsible for the strata scheme’s daily operations. These responsibilities include the building complex and any common areas, such as pools, mail rooms, gyms, and hallways. For a strata scheme to be successful, it is necessary for an owners’ corporation to prudently inaugurate a management unit. The property owners can assign a strata management company and a strata manager to collaborate with an executive committee and owners corporation to control, maintain, manage, and administer the domain to implement a strong strata living climate. 

As a leading-edge company that provides strata facilities management across NSW, we have collaborated with hundreds of owners corporations to provide high-end commercial and residential strata management. Both residential and commercial strata management require a strata manager to ensure the building complies with all state laws, is correctly insured, is effectively maintained, and all administrative protocols are updated. Strata management companies in Sydney coordinate AGMs and committee meetings, pay invoices, prepare budgets, and issue levies to property owners. 

Strata management companies in Sydney don’t operate on a fixed fee basis, as many variables can affect strata management costs. Strata management consultants’ fees work on a percentage of the property value and can depend on certain factors, such as the number of communal facilities within the property. If you search the internet with phrases such as strata management services near me or strata managers near me, you’ll find a long list of strata management companies. The average NSW strata management service fee is between 0.3% to 1.2% of the property’s value. If the strata property management company provides service for a property with facilities, expect to pay 0.8% to 1.2% and 0.3% to 0.7% without facilities. As the finest commercial and best residential strata management company in Sydney, AscendCorp Strata will gladly discuss your requirements and provide you with a comprehensive quote for the finest strata facilities management across NSW.