Strata Maintenance

Perhaps the most important facet of managing your building is the ability to actually get things done. It is critical that your Strata Manager has the ability to convert talk and instruction into positive action at your building. At AscendCorp Strata, we have an extensive array of trades and professionals ready to respond at our request, all providing quality service and response times in line with the standards set by our organisation. With a stern focus on testing the market and ensuring that your scheme is obtaining the best value for money, without sacrificing quality, AscendCorp strives to ensure your asset is maintained to the very highest standard.

We at AscendCorp Strata pride ourselves on having the ability and desire to not only react to challenges as they arise, but also pro-actively plan using experience and foresight. It is imperative that your Strata Manager assists your scheme with the planning and preparation required to ensure its ongoing viability into the future. Capital works planning requires precise budgeting and efficient procuring of works contracts, with our experienced suite of professional consultants at our disposal, we believe this facet is a genuine strength of AscendCorp Strata.