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AscendCorp is built around a deep customer focus driven by professionals with long standing industry experience and backed by a determination to go beyond already high client service standards.

“We have been nothing but impressed with AscendCorp Strata’s service thus far and highly recommend them” Leanne – Committee member / Double Bay

“Sarah has been fantastic since the moment she took over our scheme. We’re thrilled with AscendCorp!” Tony – Chairman / St Ives. More

Ascend Corporate is a premier strata management group based in Sydney. Ascend Group falls into all strata categories such as building management, facilities management, facility management corporation, strata management services, full facilities management, premier strata company and your local strata.

Ascend corporate is a strata company that aims to be a leader in driving the strata industry to be more adaptive in how it operates with the latest technology and smartphones. We believe the industry suffers from a ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’ mindset and we’re here to change that.

Ascend Corporation has over 15 years experience in all strata and building management. Our directors have worked in various facility management corporations and strata offices ensuring that we have the capability to provide the most cutting edge strata services team.

Ascend group provides cutting edge strata management services and full facilities management through the various strata partners we’ve worked with as well as being part of the strata committee.

Given the nature of the property market it’s no surprise we’re in one of the fastest growing industries in Australia with strata management meaning practices in the industry need to adopt a more innovative agenda. Strata managers need to adapt a mindset that adapts to current social media trends, is workable via smartphones and cloud technology.

Using the Stratafy app, our strata managers are able to drive strata management to the 21st century by removing a lot of the need for in person meetings and unnecessary human interaction. Not to say that in person meetings don’t need to happen as they absolutely do, but sometimes there’s a more efficient way of going about a process. To have the ability to run and manage all the essential strata services you need from the tips of your fingers makes tasks like maintenance requests and managers meetings a much easier process to manage all while providing access to mobile voting, real time analytic dashboards and accounting and invoicing on the run.

If you are based in Sydney then we are your best option as your local strata management group, why? Not only will we have a strata office in your area but have a strong reputation with essential trades and services relative to needs outlined in any strata management agreement we hold with you.

Other things to consider when choosing strata partners for your facilities and building management, it’s important to note if they’re in any strata committee and hold the required tickets to conduct to operate as a strata manager.



We Value You

We understand that each Strata scheme is as individual as you are. At AscendCorp we value our client relationships and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients needs are met at all times by forging long lasting relationships.

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We’re Here for You

We know that things can happen at any time. At AscendCorp, we have an extensive array of trades and professionals ready to respond at our request, all providing quality service and response times in line with the standards set by our organisation.

We’re Open and Honest

We involve our clients in every step of the process, as well as having an App available to be installed on your mobile device where owners and committee members can access their strata records at any time. This ensures transparency and gives you the peace of mind you are looking for.


We Keep it Simple

Staying on top of all of the evolving elements in your scheme can be overwhelming. We pride ourselves on the smooth running of your scheme by providing updates on changes to legislation and ensuring that your financials are managed efficiently.

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