Legislation & Compliance

Whilst we understand it is difficult for owners to keep up to date with all of the relevant legislations that are becoming increasingly more complex as our industry evolves, it is imperatively important to understand the impact that they have on your strata scheme. That is where AscendCorp Strata can takeover the responsibility and ensure that our clients are aware of the legislations and how it will impact them, and most importantly what action is required to keep you compliant.

Regular communication with Strata Committees and updated resolutions at Owners Corporation meetings allows us to keep on top of your legislative requirements. Further, we are partnered with Sydney’s leading Law Firm; Bannermans Lawyers who regularly provide updates on legislations that are in the pipeline and about to be passed, what to expect and how they will impact our clients. This allows us to be prepared and ready before the legislation comes into force, giving our clients a greater advantage and not having to rush last minute when the enforcement deadlines fast approach.