As a leading strata management company AscendCorp Strata fully understands how important it is for body corporates and offices to keep their properties looking fabulous, both inside and out, and our strata garden service offers the perfect solution.

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strata gardening services Sydney
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WHY ASCENDCORP FOR Strata Garden Maintenance?

Our strata garden maintenance team provides the complete strata gardening service that takes care of all your lawn mowing, plant trimming, garden and pathway cleaning, and planting requirements to keep your outside spaces looking perfect.

Each project a strata gardener works on is unique, and our body corporate garden maintenance team will take measured steps to ensure the proposal and strategy we design for your garden is the best fit.

BEAUTIFUL Strata Garden Maintenance

Our highly trained and skilled strata garden maintenance crew has vast experience creating incredible-looking and useable outdoor spaces adopting the latest cutting-edge assets to accomplish the desired outcome that owners corporations across Sydney desire for their strata scheme buildings.

Maintaining a beautiful garden or outdoor space is much simpler once that space has been thoroughly cleaned by our strata gardening service. By undertaking a complete in-depth overhaul at the start of a project, continued maintenance is far more cost-effective, and our body corporate gardening services can make upkeep minimal.

If you require experienced and professional strata garden maintenance in Sydney, AscendCorp Strata is the company you need to collaborate with to keep your garden in top shape.

Please enquire about our body corporate garden maintenance in Sydney by contacting us at 02 9799 1111

strata services Sydney

Reliable And Professional Strata Gardening Services

The AscendCorp Strata strata gardening in Sydney is a service for strata building owners and owners corporations to provide and maintain excellent standards of planting, landscaping, garden cleaning, and gardening maintenance, keeping outdoor spaces looking immaculate. We implement fast and efficient strata garden maintenance across the city through the professional operation of our highly skilled garden maintenance crew.

All Year-Round Strata Garden Maintenance

Appointing an experienced strata garden service in Sydney is a fundamental measure to ensuring strata-owned buildings’ outdoor spaces remain in top condition year-round. With Sydney enjoying four very defined seasons, it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise by a strata gardener to keep things perfect. From an average high of 30°C in summer and a chilly average of 7°C in winter, the AscenCorp Strata strata garden maintenance in Sydney provides an industry-leading year-round strata gardening service for residential and commercial strata properties.

High-Quality Strata Gardening, Strata Mowing & Landscape Design

At AscendCorp Strata, we strive to offer our clients the most thorough and complete body corporate gardening service available anywhere in Sydney or NSW. We provide our owners corporations with multiple benefits, from strata mowing that keeps all lawned areas of a property looking immaculate to garden cleaning, general maintenance and even a landscape design service. Whether you want to maintain what you have or re-engineer an outdoor space, our strata garden service can do it all.

Body Corporate Gardening Service For All Property Sizes & Budgets

Whatever the scale of your strata property, if you have outdoor spaces and communal gardens, you need body corporate gardening services that you can rely on to maintain and keep everything looking its best.

Whether you are an owners corporation for one of Sydney’s city centre high-rise residential skyscrapers, an apartment block in the suburbs, or a commercial estate, our strata garden maintenance service will provide you with the ultimate strata gardening in Sydney.

strata gardening Sydney

Strata Garden Maintenance Available Across Sydney & NSW

Strata gardening in Sydney is a necessary service for hundreds of strata building owners all across the city in the continual keep properties looking their best year-round. But owners need to hire the best body corporate gardening service in Sydney to keep those properties immaculate.

AscendCorp Strata has been the premium provider of high-quality strata gardening in Sydney for a good long while, and strata-owned buildings in Sydney and throughout NSW have greatly benefitted from our corporate garden service. As a leading owners corporation management company, we provide the finest cutting-edge body corporate gardening services at highly affordable rates allowing for stress-free maintenance and beautifully manicured outdoor spaces every time.

Key Features Of AscendCorp's Strata Gardening Services in Sydney

Strata garden maintenance

Strata landscape design

Strata mowing service

Garden makeovers

Flowerbed upkeep

Strata garden service for cleaning driveways and outdoor areas

A strata gardener tree maintenance and removal service

Water features

Pruning of shrubs and plants

Body corporate gardening waste removal services

General clean-ups

Cutting down and removing bushes

Watering plants 

Request a Free Strata Garden Maintenance Quote From AscendCorp Today!

Just as owners corporations must maintain a building’s interior, strata garden maintenance plays a critical role in maintaining the building’s exterior appearance.

For highly professional and cost-effective strata garden maintenance in Sydney, contact a team member at AscendCorp Strata today and request a comprehensive quote for all of your body corporate garden maintenance requirements and let our strata gardening service team keep your gardens in top shape year-round.

Strata Gardening Services Sydney FAQs

Strata garden maintenance is the service owners use in strata schemes for maintaining and upkeep outdoor spaces, such as gardens, play areas, car parks, driveways, etc. A company such as AscendCorp Strata will provide strata garden maintenance in Sydney, covering services such as strata mowing, pest control, lawn reseeding and fertilising, weeding, driveway cleaning, planting, tree removal and surgery, and much more. Strata gardening in Sydney offers a complete year-round service for taking care of

We offer a whole host of body corporate gardening services that will maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for strata scheme buildings. As part of our strata garden maintenance service, we can provide simple services such as strata mowing, weeding, watering, plant and shrub trimming, and garden waste removal and general upkeep to a complete landscape design service. AscendCorp Strata is a one-stop shop for all strata garden maintenance in Sydney, making it incredibly easy for our clients to maintain outdoor spaces with minimum effort and highly cost-effective prices.

The costs involved with appointing AscendCorp Strata corporate garden maintenance will vary depending on what the requirements are for the job at hand. There may be a requirement for a single strata gardener to water the plants or mow a small lawn, or you may require a body corporate garden maintenance team to complete an entire garden makeover and then maintain regularly. The best way to understand what you can expect to pay for the body corporate gardening service you need is to contact us directly and discuss what you specifically require.