Financial & Trust Accounting Management

AscendCorp Strata prides itself on the smooth running of your scheme, in order to achieve this it is imperative that your financials are management correctly and efficiently. This includes everything from issuing levy notices to paying invoices on your behalf, freeing up cashflow, investing surplus funds as well as preparing your Annual Administrative and Capital Works budget to ensure that your scheme has enough money to ultimately run smoothly and that all of your assets such as pool, lifts, gardens etc., are maintained properly and ultimately hold their value. Some of the most regular complaints we hear in the industry from clients is that their scheme doesn’t have enough money to meet their financial commitments, invoices are not paid on time by their strata manager and too many owners are behind in paying their strata levies. At AscendCorp Strata you can rest assured that this is not tolerated, nor do we allow this to happen. Our qualified trust accounts team works tirelessly with owners and strata committees to provide support in all aspect of financial and trust account management. Further, we are partnered with Stratafy who are the industry leading strata software provider. This gives our clients access to download a customizable App on their mobile device allowing instant access to financial records, 24/7.