Renovation Application

The Approval Process

Once your completed Application has been received it will be reviewed by the Strata Manager. Applications will be processed in a timely manner however depending on the nature of the works, the process could take up to 4-6 weeks. You will be contacted by the Strata Manager notifying you of the outcome.

If the application is not straightforward or there are items in the Application that require discussion, the Application may be deferred until the next-scheduled Strata Committee Meeting at which you may be asked to attend to present the Application and answer any questions. Please note that each individual building may have specific requirements and policies regarding renovations and our team will notify you if this is the case.

If you have any questions regarding the progress of your application, please contact us

Once Approved

Confirmation of formal approval will be provided to you by the Strata Manager.

Prior to proceeding with the Renovation, you must coordinate your renovation dates with the onsite Building Manager (if your building has one) or Strata Committee member so that (i) the Renovations may be coordinated with other work around the complex, (ii) neighbouring residents may be appropriately notified, and (iii) the elevators and loading areas booked (if applicable).

Please do not start your renovation without notifying your Strata Manager / Building Manager.

Some strata buildings require a Damage Bond be deposited prior to commencement of certain renovations. This covers any costs to repair common property if you or your contractors damage any part of common property during renovations.

You may also need to complete a Lift Booking form (if your building has a lift) which outlines the conditions you and your contractors must obey when carrying out works in the complex.

Once the renovation is complete, the Building Manager shall conduct a final inspection to check that the Renovation has been carried out in accordance with the Specifications outlined in your Application and Approval documentation to ensure that no damage has been done to common property.