Building and Strata Management in Sydney

What are the questions you should be asking when looking for building facilities management Sydney?

Sydney of all places is obviously a very competitive market for property and that has a flow on effect to property and building related services such as strata building facilities management in Sydney.   

When looking to employ the services of a Strata manager in Sydney it’s a good idea to know exactly the level of service you require so that you can create a shortlist of strata companies before calling them to make a decision on which strata manager to go with.

Some things you may want to consider when coming up with this list include the qualifications and tickets the company may or may not have? Are they part of the strata committee Sydney? Are the services provided by trusted tradespeople who are prompt in urgent situations, reliable and maintain an acceptable standard of work?

Sydney strata management requires all of these boxes to be ticked given the competitive nature of this market. Strata management fees and transparency on how your funds are being spent is also something to consider when shopping around for strata managers.

Facilities management in Sydney, whether commercial, residential, retail, industrial, hotel or medical facilities are all types of buildings and facilities covered by Ascend Corp in Sydney. We have been in the building facilities management industry for over 15 years based in Sydney. This has given us the relevant experience necessary to operate in the building and facilities management industry in Sydney.

So if you are thinking of shopping around for a new Sydney based strata manager please don’t hesitate to give us a call or request a quote and we can have a chat about your needs in regards to your new strata management plan.