The Best Strata Management Companies

When shopping around for the best strata management company whether you’re a property developer or body corporate representative looking for a new strata management company, Ascend Corp has you covered.

But don’t just take our word for it. When you’re shopping around for the best strata management, there are certain elements and factors you need to question when it comes to the level of services provided by the best strata management company for you.

Communication and transparency

These two factors are of paramount importance in best strata management practices especially in Sydney having such a competitive property market. Does your current strata management company provide clear communication about services and ongoing tasks? Do they execute on what they say to an acceptable level? Best strata management companies should be providing top level communication and be clear and transparent in all their dealings.



Obviously important yet not to be overlooked. Some clients we’ve shopped around purely due to proximity! For those clients it was super important to them that we were close enough should an urgent matter arise then one of our managers was able to attend on site promptly. Proof that location is not a reason to rule out what makes a best strata management company!


Experience and Testimonials

Highly experienced professionals are the building blocks of any best strata management company but how can they prove this to you? The answer is client testimonials, nothing tells the truth more than a customer experience! Check the company’s website, Google and Facebook pages for testimonials.



Generally with strata managers you’ll get what you pay for especially if you’re looking for the best strata management company in Sydney. This ties back into your expectations and the level of service you’ll get out of the best strata management company. It’s important to note as well how your funds will be spent in management of the building and facilities.