The Best Strata Management in Sydney

When looking for a Sydney based Strata management company, what factors define the best?

The answer isn’t always so simple and comes down to suitability on a range of variables, can you trust them? How will they spend your money? What are their standards? Are they experienced enough? All very valid questions and concerns as Strata Management in Sydney of all places is a very competitive industry, constantly driving the standards up and up.

At Ascend Corp we pride ourselves on experience and client satisfaction, but nevertheless, you should take these factors into consideration when shopping around for the best strata management company in Sydney.



Lucky for you we’re based in Sydney! Although, this is an important thing to consider as your strata manager will have local tradespeople and cleaners to attend the premises if need be. If urgent matters arise where a manager is required to attend on site, it’s obviously beneficial to have a local based manager as opposed to one on the Central Coast.



Shopping for The best strata management company in Sydney is a big decision to make much like choosing a bank to mortgage your house through. The most honest answer you’ll get is through other clients of the company. Have a look on the strata management companies website to look for good client feedback and if there isn’t any it may be a potential red flag.



Does the strata company you’re looking at have the required experience and qualifications to make them a suitable consideration? Are they a member of Strata community Australia and do they have the required insurance cover to be in business? All questions well worth asking.


Communication and expectations

Expectations need to be set upfront for a good working relationship and it’s important both parties clearly communicate with one another to achieve this. Are there tasks outside of the scope of work that you need taken care of? If so be explicitly clear about what’s important to you so that the Strata company understands what’s required of them. Make sure you’re always being kept in the loop even if they’re just giving you an FYI. This is a sign of a great strata manager.



Generally with Strata managers you’ll get what you pay for especially if you’re looking for the best strata management company in Sydney. This ties back into you’re expectations and the level of service you’ll get out of your strata management.