Apartment Living in Australia

Apartment Living in Sydney is now a very common way to live in Sydney especially for those wanting to live in or around the CBD. Generally speaking the low maintenance costs, shared rates and strata costs associated with apartment living make it an attractive prospect for many people wanting to break into the property market.

At Ascend Corp Strata, our aim is to drive building and facilities management out of the current ‘This is the way it’s always been done’ culture and moving it onto a platform whereby many of the tasks that old school strata managers like to do in person or use an overly complicated process to justify their purpose or importance, can be done on a simple, user friendly smartphone app.

Given that one of the many perks of apartment living is the hassle free lifestyle in terms of maintenance and management. It’s probably no surprise that a smartphone app based way of managing simple things like invoicing, voting, maintenance requests, managers meetings and other strata related tasks would be a viable option.

Apart from a handy and hassle free smartphone app, what sets ascend corp apart from other strata management companies? We value strong relationships by working within your best interests by taking care of building and facilities management in an efficient and effective manner. Strata management doesn’t need to be complicated, we take most of the confusion away with the app ‘Stratafy’ although, keeping things simple with our clients helps with avoiding over complication.

Here at Ascend Corp we’re up to date with all relevant legislative requirements which is another factor within strata management that can be a little over complicated. We ensure all these requirements are met and simplify processes to ensure we can avoid as many grey areas as possible.

For those within a body corporate shopping around for a new strata manager and are unsure of what it’s like to change over, you’re not alone. Many people don’t realise the level of services they’re currently receiving from their strata management is less than acceptable, which is why they don’t think to change or look for a better service. We facilitate this process for new clients by doing most of the heavy lifting in terms of getting the ball rolling with terminating your existing manager and assisting step by step until all records are reconciled and integrated into the Ascend Corp system.