Apartment Living in Drummoyne

Looking for the best strata management Drummoyne? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a body corp representative looking for a new strata manager or a property developer looking to set up a new complex with management services then Ascend Corporation is the best strata management in Drummoyne.

Why are we the best strata Drummoyne has to offer? With over 15 years of professional experience in Sydney strata management, Ascend Corp has what it takes to deliver and maintain an exceptional level of strata management. We put great emphasis on relationships and transparency from the very beginning as a high level of communication is required when dealing with facilities and building management. Our app allows clients to see tasks and processes with a great deal of transparency so that they’re constantly kept in the loop at all times without having to make multiple phone calls or email enquiries.

Strata management at times can seem confusing and complicated which is why many people are unlikely to change even when the level of service they’re receiving is poor. Over complicating processes with long legislatively heavy emails and colloquial terms can be a sign your current strata manager is trying to justify their importance. We take most of the confusion away from strata with a simple smartphone app which makes strata matters much easier to manage as they should be.

So to actually set us apart from other strata managers making Ascend Corp the best strata management Drummoyne, what do we do? Our goal is to take strata management to the 21st century by utilising smartphone technology and leaving outdated processes in the past where they belong. We feel the strata industry is full of old school managers who go by the ‘It’s always been done this way’ mindset, and we all know that’s no longer an acceptable reason for anything.

With ‘Stratafy’ we bring the best strata to Drummoyne. With analytic dashboards in real time, 1 click maintenance requests, mobile app voting and organisation of managers meetings we’re able to very much simplify strata management services in a way that nothing gets missed or left behind.

We’re also locally based so that if urgent matters arise and a manager needs to attend the premises, then it’s a very easy thing for us to make happen. We have trustworthy high quality trades people and cleaners all based in the local area for this very reason. It’s common that these types of emergencies happen and response times are absolutely critical.

To get started with the best strata management company Drummoyne today, please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone on 02 9799 1111 or on our lead form on the home page. Hope to hear from you soon!